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The Passion of Cycling

At Bicycle Quarterly, we are passionate about cycling, and it shows in every article. Our feature-length bike tests take you on amazing adventures, where we challenge the test bikes to the limits of their capabilities. Our stories bring you unexpected discoveries of unexpected places: the secret passes of the Cascade Range, the story of female randonneuses in mid-century France, the mountain roads of Japan. Our well-written technical articles, like our research on the performance of wide tires, have changed the cycling world. And we take you into the workshops of the greatest builders all over the world and explain how they make bikes and why they are special.

Reading Bicycle Quarterly will help you appreciate your bicycle even more, but most of all, it will make you want to head out for a ride that pushes your boundaries. But why don’t you have a peek yourself? Click on the magazine above to read a sampler of articles from recent Bicycle Quarterlies.

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