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Bicycle Quarterly is a magazine for discerning cyclists, who enjoy their bikes in many ways: on weekend rides, commuting, randonneuring, racing or touring the countryside. Professionally written articles cover a variety of topics rarely found in the "mainstream" cycling press:


Tests of today's best bikes: Our detailed evaluations are based on weeks of riding in challenging terrain, not just a spin around the block. We explain a bike’s good points and what could be improved, so you can decide whether it's a bike for you.

Bike Tests

Mount St. Helens

Rides off the beaten path: San Francisco to Los Angeles in 1902, riding in the Alps in the 1930s, randonneuring today on classic bikes, or exploring forest roads in the Cascade Mountains with friends, our ride stories will inspire you to get on your bike.


geometry illustration

Technical issues relevant to everyday riding: frame stiffness, rolling resistance, frame geometry, bike handling, aerodynamics of fenders and jackets, resistance of generator hubs.

Technical Articles

Ellis bike

Beautiful bikes: From classics made by Cino Cinelli and Alex Singer to modern masterpieces by J. P. Weigle and Bruce Gordon.

Color Photo Supplement

Jack Taylor Team

Cycling history brought to life through interviews and period documents. We travel the world to talk to builders, riders and racers, and bring you riveting first-hand accounts.

Cycling History

Gammons Breakdown

Expert advice on how to pack light, when to pedal and when to coast, and how to make your bike faster.

Randonneuring Basics

J.P. Weigle

Framebuilders present techniques, ideas and projects in our Builders Speak series. From making lugs to installing fenders.

Builders Speak

Let our readers tell you what they like in Bicycle Quarterly.


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