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Randonneuring Basics

Randonneuring Basics describes technique for efficient riding over any distance. Here you find advice on how to train, how to ride a long ride, how to make your bike faster, and why it is important to enjoy the scenery. The advice is not only for those interested in riding Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), but also for century, event and ultramarathon riders and bicycle tourists.

The authors of this series are experienced long-distance cyclists, who have completed several PBP and other ultramarathon events. Their advice is based on their experience on the road.

Articles in this series:

Planning and Packing (Vol. 4 #3): What to bring on a long-distance ride: Clothing, food and more. How to visualize your event and determine a schedule to be successful.

Enjoying the Scenery (Vol. 4 #4): Taking an interest in the landscape you traverse on your rides not only heightens the enjoyment, but helps you stay on course and anticipate the challenges.

How to Make Your Bike Faster (Vol. 5 #1): What is more important: Light weight, aerodynamics or rolling resistance? We look at all these factors for different riders, based on actual measurements, with surprising results. Read how you can take 2-10 hours off your PBP time by making simple changes to your bike.

Training for Long-Distance Events (Vol. 5 #2): We tell you not just how to train, but also how to fit training for a long-distance event into your busy schedule.

Training Tools from Stopwatches to Coaches (Vol. 5 #2): What heart rate monitors, power measuring tools and more can do for you and whether you need them.

Efficient Cycling (Vol. 5 #3): How to carry more speed over rolling terrain and more tips on going faster with the same effort.

The Futility of Downhill Pedaling (Vol. 5 #3): Why pedaling above certain speeds does not make you faster.

Riding in Groups (Vol. 5 #4): How to do an efficient paceline, how to optimize a group's speed in crosswinds, pacelining etiquette and more.

Planning Paris-Brest-Paris (Vol. 5 #4): Plan your ride so you won't have to wait in line at controls and more advice to make PBP a success.

A Survey of the Equipment in Paris-Brest-Paris 2007 (Vol. 6 #2): What worked, what didn't and what riders would like to change. Read the article (pdf)

Testing Your Bike's Aerodynamics (Vol. 7 #1): A simple way to assess equipment and positions on the road.

Avoiding the Bonk (Vol. 7 #3): Nutrition for Long-Distance Riding.

Choosing a Builder for your Next Bike (Vol. 7 #4): How to make sure your dream bike turns out exactly as you anticipate. Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to disappointments.

Riding at Night (Vol. 8 #3): Why it's fun, and how to do it safely.

Our four-part series The History of Randonneuring was published in Vol. 8 #3; Vol. 9 #1; Vol. 9 #3 and Vol. 10 #2.

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