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We bring cycling history to life through interviews, reports and period documents.

We travel the world to interview builders, component makers, riders and racers, so you can enjoy riveting first-hand accounts from the people behind Jack Taylor, Alex Singer, Toei, Rivendell, Cunningham and Specialités TA.

Herse catalog

We reprint wonderful historic documents: famous illustrations by Daniel Rebour , as well as period magazines and catalogues, such as the ultra-rare first René Herse catalogue from 1946 (left).


Carefully researched articles bring history to life. We not only document how components were developed, but also put them into their context. In addition to archival research, we actually ride historic bikes and report how they perform on the road.

To read in detail how the first Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur was developed, click here. Learn how modern derailleurs evolved from the Nivex via Campagnolo, Simplex and Huret to Suntour’s slant parallelogram derailleurs and hence to modern equipment.


Inspiring reports from rides and races in the past continue to fascinate, whether the incredible Great Territorial Road Race of 1894 in Arizona, touring Europe during the 1960s or reports from Paris-Brest-Paris.

To read about Youth Hostel tour of Europe in 1963 with Dr. Clifford Graves' International Bicycle Touring Society, click here.

For a list of articles on cycling history published in Bicycle Quarterly, click here.

Our high editorial standards ensure that Bicycle Quarterly is a reliable source for historical information, while remaining a fun and passionate magazine. Real life often is more exciting than myth and fiction!

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