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Highlights from the Winter 2013 issue


The Winter 2013 Bicycle Quarterly is about pushing beyond what you usually do. We are not talking about taking crazy risks, but about going a bit outside your comfort zone.
We test an affordable road bike for children.
Our guest tester not only rode it on the road, but also made his debut in cyclocross (cover photo). Read what it's like for a child to trust a sliding bike in the mud! A bike like this can be the start of a lifetime enjoyment of cycling.
To complement the cyclocross theme, we bring you a classic Alan 'cross bike and report how it performs today in cyclocross racing.
We report from three amazing rides. Jeremy Scott gave up everthing to cycle from London to Saigon and then on to Australia. Gerolf Meyer rode the backroads of the Western U.S. and reports his experiences from a European perspective. And our editor took another stab at the Raid Pyrénéen, only to find that the best-laid plans can go awry.
Bicycle Quarterly's product tests are renowned in the industry for their thoroughness. In the Winter issue, we test the latest LED headlights. Are they so good that we should consider replacing our existing lights?
We also test tires from Challenge and FMB, new 650B rims, and wool clothing from Ibex and Rapha.
In our Projects column, Mark Eastman shows you how to outline the lugs of your frame to add a touch of craftsmanship.
Our Icon feature brings you the story of Reynolds 531 tubing. For almost half a century, 531 was the material of choice for top-of-the-line frames, but it also was used in Jaguar E-Types and even land speed record cars.

Those are just some of the highlights of the Winter 2013 Bicycle Quarterly.

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