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Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery
By Rick Smith and Brian Griggs.

The adventures of Rick Smith and Brian Griggs’s Yehuda Moon are now available in a more portable and enduring comic book format. The four volumes include some added content that has not been available online.

The storyline revolves around the Kickstand Cyclery. Partners Yehuda Moon and Joe have opposing tastes in cycling. Joe is a club-racer, always training, always searching for the newest equipment advantage, but wary of riding in the rain. Yehuda begins on an upright Dutch bicycle. Even after he switches to a randonneur bike, he continues to care little about his speed. He carries all kinds of supplies, and rides year-round.

The two main characters’ different interests lead to predictable friction in the shop. On a personal level, Joe tries to convince Yehuda of the joys of going fast, while Yehuda tries to entice Joe to mount fenders on his bikes and ride for transportation. In matters of business, Yehuda orders products he believes in, like raincapes and cargo-bikes, but which inevitably end up gathering dust in the close-out section of the shop.

Complementing the cast is a female employee who tries to get some sense into both Joe and Yehuda, a group of Shakers who build frames for the shop, and the appropriately-named Rival Cycles, a franchise of a bicycle store chain that opens up near the Kickstand.

Volume 1  96 full color pages of strips from 2008 (344 comics)
Out of print

Volume 2  96 full color pages of strips from 2009 (360 comics)
Out of print

Volume 3  96 full color pages of strips from 2010 (350 comics)
Price: $15

Volume 4  88 full color pages of strips from 2011 (280 comics)
Price: $15