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Rare Cycling Books

These classic cycling books have been out of print for many years, and they are very hard to find these days. We managed to find a few copies of our favorite books. Very limited supply.

If you'd like to purchase one of these rare books, please contact us.

Bikelore 2
Editor: Gabe Konrad

A collection of articles by well-known authors on cycling history and inspiration. Published by On The Wheel. 2002, 176 pages. Softcover. New.


Touring Bikes
by Tony Oliver

A classic book on building frames and bicycles from a framebuilder's perspective. Hardcover. 1990, 176 pages. Very hard to find.

Excellent copy in close to new condition.


Excellent copy, but with slightly scuffed dustjacket and some spotting on the top.


Into The Remote Places
By Ian Hibell and Colin Trowbridge

Famous world traveler Ian Hibell describes his adventures in South and North America, as well as his perilous crossing of the Sahara desert. A classic. Hardcover. 1984, 204 pages.

Excellent condition.

Softcover, 1986, with fewer photos, in very good condition.
$ 48

My Life on Two Wheels
By Clifford Graves

Clifford Graves, the founder of the International Bicycle Touring Society , recounts his travels, from riding through World War II front lines to bicycle touring in Europe in the 1960s. Hardcover. 1985, 323 pages.

Mint condition.
$ 145

Books by Daniel Rebour

Daniel Rebour was the editor of Le Cycle and a keen observer of the cycling scene. He published a guide to cycling, which provides a wonderful insight into the cycling technology of the time, illustrated with his famous drawings.

La Pratique du Vélo
By Daniel Rebour

1948 edition, with fascinating drawings of early derailleurs, etc. Softcover, 224 pages.

This book was donated by a Bicycle Quarterly reader. 100% of proceeds go to charity.


CYCLE—Compétition, Cyclotourisme
By Daniel Rebour

1962 edition, with 1960s racing and randonneuring equipment, including many details of René Herse bicycles. Softcover, 184 pages.

Near mint condition.

Cycles de Compétition et Randonneuse
By Daniel Rebour

1975 edition, with Rebour's drawings of classic racing components and frame geometry measurements of a number of 1970s professionals. Softcover, 188 pages.

Very good condition, but with a bump/crease on one corner.


If you'd like to purchase one of these rare books, please contact us.

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