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Bicycle Quarterly Bike Tests:

Our tests and reviews of bicycles, components and other equipment go far beyond those of other magazines. We test every product for several weeks, becoming familiar with it as an owner would. We usually ride each bike at least 300 km (185 miles).

We only measure geometry, weight, etc. after we have completed our testing. This prevents our personal bias from influencing our opinions of the bikes. Every test report includes a diagram of the bike's geometry, as well as a sidebar with the second tester's report. The builder/manufacturer's comments on our tests are published as a sidebar as well.

See the more than 50 bikes and other products we have tested

For every test bike, we tell you its good points and what could be improved, so you can decide for yourself whether it's a bike for you. (Unlike most magazines, Bicycle Quarterly is financed by subscribers, not advertisers, so we can be honest in our evaluations.)

We take many of our test bikes on true adventures, so our bike tests make a great read even if you are not in the market for a bike.

Read one of our bike tests in our sample article flip book: click here.

Builders/Manufacturers: For information on submitting a bike for testing, please view our Bike Test Submission Guidelines

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