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Highlights from the Winter 2009 issue (Vol. 8, No. 2)

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The main feature is our report from the Oregon Manifest Design Challenge technical trials and Constructeurs' Race. Our editor followed the event on the road. How did the bikes perform? Which bikes developed problems?

We make suggestions for future technical trials, and have another look at the famous French technical trials of the 1930s, with details about their scoring system.

Paul Charrel was a constructeur and randonneur from Lyon. Expert Raymond Henry reports on Charrel's life and the bikes he built. See the amazing cantilever brakes that push the pad straight to the rim, and follow Charrel in his attempt to ride from Lyon to the top of Mont Ventoux and back in 24 hours.


Our classic bike feature is a Charrel built for Paul Charrel's brother-in-law in the mid-1940s. It's superlight and has many refinements, including derailleur and brake cables routed through the frame.

TEST: Box Dog Bikes Pelican

A well-handling, well-built bike made in the USA doesn't have to cost a fortune. Find out more in our test of the Pelican. Click here for a sideview of the Pelican test bike.


Test: Boxer Randonneur

Dan Boxer is a young builder, who built this lightweight randonneur bike for the Oregon Manifest Design Challenge, and placed third in the Constructeurs' Race. We bring you a full test of this machine.

Touring in Norway

Follow five friends on a spring-time trip almost to the Arctic Circle. Spectacular scenery combines with the trials and tribulations of cycling in the off-season to make a wonderful adventury.

Builders Speak

Peter Weigle explains how his bikes are inspired by classic designs, and how he appreciates solutions that have stood the test of time.

Wheel Flop

How does wheel flop affect the handling of your bike? How can you tell how much wheel flop your bike has? Our article tells you what you need to know.

Product tests

We tested more than a dozen products: Porteur racks, bags from Acorn and Zimbale, wool clothing, a cycling jacket and more. Find out what works and what doesn't.

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