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Highlights from the Autumn 2011 issue

(Vol. 10, No. 1)

Click on photos for larger view.

Going back to the early days of cycling, we report on high-wheeler racing in New Zealand today.

Find out why bicycle builders in Oamaru construct replicas of highwheelers and of the draisienne, the first two-wheeler ever made.

We test the Calfee Adventure that promises the performance of a modern carbon-fiber bike with clearance for wide tires and fenders. Does it deliver?

Our editor has a new bike! Read how he designed his ultimate custom bicycle, and why he chose the features and components that he selected.

Follow step-by-step how it was made (click here to see the machining of the bottom bracket shell).

Braking hard – we risked our lives so you won't have to! We show you how to get the most out of your brakes.

We also have a brake trouble-shooting guide that lets you assess your brakes and optimize their performance.

We test two interesting brakes: Velo-Orange's Gran Cru long-reach brake and the superlight Eebrake link-actuated centerpull brake.



Many readers have seen George Retseck's illustrations in old Bridgestone catalogues. We talk to the man and bring you a few rarely seen illustrations.

Go on a wonderful daytrip of the Yorkshire Dales and learn about the landscape, culture and history of this beautiful region.

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